January 11, 2011

Dear Sekar,

Yesterday seemed to be the most boring day ever in my life. Thus, I decided to take a walk. Not far from here; just to visit some neighbors. After visiting them, I decided to tell you what I felt. And here I am, writing this letter to you, strongly hope you will read. Or reply. Or just do some action.

You know, I envy them; my neighbors. They were so nice; they were neat, clean, eye-catching, and, most importantly, full of stories. The memory of us talking to each other through your writings showed up out of the blue. You may look at me now, Sekar. How can I be this empty? Well, okay maybe I'm not that 'empty'. But, 59 posts? And Feb, 2010 is your last 'updated' date? Oh come on, lady. It's Jan, 2011. It's been almost a year since you.. err.. abandoned me.

I don't want to ask much from you. I just.. Ah, you can see your Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook. I'm underlined in envy green. They are so young and fresh and.. updated. I don't want to compare myself with them, but hey, I deserve your care and attention.

Well it's good if you're willing to read this. I can do nothing if you just ignore, and I'll be grateful if you want to notice this and do something.
I hope you still remember how close we used to be. I hope you know that I'm your old friend who'll always wait for your next writing, more than anyone will do.


Your abandoned blog

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